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Your Coaches: Angie and Charlene

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Our Why

Imagine this: 

You’re graduating high school.

If you’re anything like us, when you graduated high school you had dreams of changing the world. The endless possibilities that lay before you were so exciting! You went to college, or maybe you didn’t, and got your first taste of freedom. Wow, that was a thrill, somehow no one was telling you what to eat or when to sleep…it was an epic time in life.

You still remember calling your best friend and telling them you got an awesome job offer and you were excited to take it because it paid well and would allow you to work at your dream job, or give you time to create some form of art.

Then, somehow over time, you found yourself in a career that you weren’t passionate about. Maybe you took the job because you needed to cover the bills and as you got tenure you got more vacation time, you got a raise or two and suddenly the prospect of starting over seemed daunting. So you stay(ed). All the while your flame of desire began to diminish. 

Now it’s time to start a family. Why? Because you always wanted to. You are holding on to that part of the dream. It’s what you’ve always wanted. You still have that job that pays the bills, vaca, and an awesome insurance plan!

You find a partner, have the wedding of your dreams only to find out that married life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Now you’re even deeper down the well of the career you don’t want because you have the responsibilities of life and another person on your shoulders.

You find that you are living for the weekend, or for those annual vacations just to get away. Looking to escape the life you find yourself in, if even for a moment. You find those small moments of bliss where you can let go and BE the person that you used to dream about in those experiences.

Now let’s layer on those cute little chubby cheeks. You’ve always wanted kids. Raising a family is what you’ve dreamed of since you were old enough to know what a doll was. But motherhood isn’t what you thought it would be. No one tells you that you never get to pee alone again….ever.

You see on social media how everyone else seems to have it all together. They post pictures of their happy families, clean houses and smiling kids. Meanwhile, you’re over here hiding your postpartum depression, crying in the closet hoping that no one in your house will hear you because you just can’t deal with that on top of everything else.

Little by little that flame that was inside of you got smaller and smaller and now, if there’s anything left at all, it’s just a smoldering ember of what it used to be. But you know it’s still there. Deep down, somewhere inside you, all that possibility, all that potential, all that longing, all that desire for greatness, it’s still there.

That’s why today is your day. This is your time.

We know because we’ve felt these feelings, they are part of our story and why we’re here for you. There’s more of course. It’s hard to sum up 25 years of life into a few paragraphs, but we made the decision to make a change for ourselves and you can too.

We decided that we were going to do whatever it took to be happy in life. To connect with others, let our true selves show and create a movement that helps women just like you live their best lives.

And you know what? YOU. You have the power, the potential and the ability to live your best life surrounded by happiness too. When you join our tribe, if you haven’t already, you will have the support and community surrounding you that you need to get there. Join us and learn how you too can step into your power and take back your power.