5 Things A Good Elevator Pitch Should Include

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What is an elevator pitch?

The words you cobble together to explain your job to someone else is your elevator pitch. Simply stated, your elevator pitch is a short, typically less than 60 seconds, description of your job and/or company that’s easily understood by your audience.

Here’s a lead in to when you would use your elevator pitch. Does this conversation sound familiar?

Me: Hi, What’s your name?
Mary: Mary
Me: Hi Mary, it’s nice to meet you. What do you do?

Most of us have had this conversation, or one similar to it, in our lives. Many of us have had that conversation many times. We often think of networking for business as something separate from personal lives, but deep down we know that’s not really true.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a business event or a social one, interacting with other humans is a form of networking.  Whether networking intentionally or randomly meeting the person sitting beside you on an airplane while you’re headed to the south of France for vacation, you’re inevitably going to get asked the question “What do you do?”. It’s almost as if it’s ingrained into our DNA to ask this question.

You could be a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, a bookkeeper, a computer technician, a plumber, a dancer, a doctor, an oceanographer, a rocket scientist or anything else, at some point, you’ve been asked this question. So what’s your answer?

Do you cobble together a bunch of words that change every time you answer the question? Do you ramble on for so long that the other party starts to tune out everything you say? Is your answer so common people forget what you said almost the instant you’ve said it?

You’re not alone. This is the case with the vast majority of the population. And good news, you’re actively looking for a way to improve. This is going to give you a positively unfair advantage in your business. 

Now you know what an elevator pitch is and you may be wondering why it’s called an elevator pitch. 

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Why Is It Called An Elevator Pitch?

It’s called an elevator pitch because it’s short. If you were to ride in an elevator for a few floors with someone you’d be able to give them your elevator pitch. When they got off on their floor, they would understand what you do, how you can help them, and how they can help you.

This is why your pitch should be short, concise and spoken in layman’s terms without industry jargon. Keeping it under 60 seconds is ideal.

Now let’s talk about how you can get better.

Five things your elevator pitch should include

1. Attention grabbing hook

Catching and keeping the attention of the person you’re talking to can be done with a hook. This makes you interesting and memorable.

A hook is a sentence that draws your listener in. Effective hooks can be in the form of a question or an over the top statement. It’s something that makes the listener think and say, “tell me more”.

Some examples of good hooks:

○ “Does your itchy dry skin frustrate you?”
○ “Women often make 3 mistakes when it comes to their skin-care routine.”
○ “I can’t believe how much better I feel since discovering CBD oil”
○ “I’m Joan and I believe that fashion CAN be comfortable and stylish, don’t you?”

2. Your qualifications

Your elevator pitch should tell the listener what makes you uniquely qualified to be doing what you do.

Imposter syndrome may pop up here but don’t worry. You ARE qualified to build your dream vocation. It’s a matter of identifying what makes you different from all your competitors. Figuring this out is as simple as looking at your story. Your history, your background, and your personal experience is what makes you different and uniquely qualified. No one else has your story. Use it to your advantage.

If you need help in this arena, ask a friend. Sometimes they can see you more clearly than you can see yourself. Especially if you’re your own worst critic. (Then, after your done with this check out this article on building your self-confidence.)

3. Who you serve

Who’s a good fit for you and why. The person you’re talking to should clearly understand if they fit into your dream customer category. If they don’t, they should be able to identify the people in their life that are your dream customer. 

When you don’t clearly state this, your listener is left to figure out for themselves if they are a good fit and it diverts their attention away from what you’re saying. Instead they may have mentally checked out because they don’t know why they should care about what you’re saying.

4. The value

What do you do and what value do you bring to your clients? This only needs to be one sentence long and should help the listener understand what you can do for them. 

The person you’re speaking with wants to know what you can do for them. Can you solve a problem that they have? This isn’t about what they can do for you. It’s not about you at all. Use this statement to generate an emotional connection to your audience. Why can’t they live without your product or service?

5. A call to action (CTA)

What are you looking for. Are you looking for connections? An Introduction to someone? Partners for your business? Whatever it is you want, ask the person you are speaking with for it. 

Without a call to action the interaction is finished after you end your pitch. Using a call to action continues the conversation and opens the door for business. 

Putting your elevator pitch together

Get a sheet of paper and write down 2-5 statements for each of the points above. What you could use as a hook, your qualifications, the value you bring to people, who you serve, and what your CTA is.

Once you have your statements, go through them and identify the ones that resonate with you. The statements that you think are best suited to your pitch and feel right to you.

Next, take out a fresh sheet of paper and combine these statements into one paragraph.

This is your new, and improved, elevator pitch.

Time to practice! Remember to spend some time practicing your pitch so that you have it memorized. Get comfortable saying it so it flows and sounds natural. This is as important as putting it together. If it doesn’t sound natural and authentic it will be less effective then if you have this practiced and polished. 

Elevator Pitch examples to get you started

Example 1

I believe that everyone should have a home that they love because a home is where people feel safe. When people feel safe they can uncover their true purpose in life. It’s great to go home to a place you love right? (The Hook)

Because of this belief I train property managers on how to make their communities the perfect home for individuals looking to move, using our sales and marketing training programs. (Audience Served)

My unique background in management and transformational coaching allows me to bridge the gap between owners and tenants in a way that others don’t. (Qualifications)

XYZ company has over 20 years’ experience in creating exceptional multifamily housing communities. A recent client that we trained is at 100% occupancy in her units! (Part Value Part Qualifications)

Would you like to schedule an appointment to learn more? (CTA)

Example 2

Do you use over the counter medication to manage your aches and pains? (The Hook)

I am a distributor with XYZ CBD company. I enjoy connecting people suffering from aches and pains to our natural pain relieving solutions like our CBD oil solution. (Audience Served)

I’m here at this convention (or wherever) to (compliment the person you’re speaking with). Our CBD oil outperforms others in the market because it’s X% pure. The highest quality rating you can get so you can eliminate your aches and pains easily and effectively. (Qualifications)

We helped one lady, Janice, stop using over the counter pain relievers completely just by helping her switch to a CBD oil regimen. (Value)

Would you like to set up a time where I can go over more of the details with you? (CTA)

That’s it. You’re on your way to better networking and more sales!

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This post may contain affiliate links and we may earn compensation when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

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