Are You Tired of Feeling Like This?

Are you ready to ditch the mom guilt, regain your sanity and dare I say.. pee by yourself? Then you need Just Ducking Listen: The Busy Mom’s Guide to Kids that Listen

Just Ducking Listen

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Which Mom Are You?


Staring hopeless into the fridge, trying to find a way to cobble a meal together so you don’t have to go to the store. You’re afraid of your kid having a nuclear meltdown in the middle of aisle 3 because you said no to the box of cereal with the rabbit on it.



You look at the clock convinced it has to be 5:00 pm only to find that it isn’t even noon! You’re stressed and ready to tap into that bottle of wine because all  you’ve been doing all day is yelling at your kids. 



You wake up, the house is silent. Like completely silent. You creep to the bathroom because you know this is the only time all day that you’ll get to pee uninterrupted. 

What if…. 

What if I told you this doesn’t have to be your life? That there’s a simple process that will have your kids following directions – without temper tantrums, nagging, or yelling. 

There IS A WAY to get your kids to behave in public. (because who wants to take a screaming child to a grocery store.)

There IS A WAY to to build a stronger relationship with your kids AND have them get the chores done without the nagging. (because who has time to say the same thing 1 million times. enough already!

There IS A WAY to pee in solitude (because you deserve it.)

mom holding a little girl

See what Angela had to say

I get nervous about my parenting. My style, my "demand", my expectations, really everything. I was nervous to even look at this program for fear that I would be looked down on for my parenting. I found out that I was wrong! I pleasantly enjoyed this. That there is zero judgment, just love and understanding. With 17 years of gymnastics coaching, I loved when I was taught how to speak to children. This reiterate what I learned in my coaching and have tried to accomplish in my 18 years of parenting. While I have failed many, MANY times, it's about the continuous movement of life and moving forward. I truly enjoyed this program. Having the guidance on how to organize my parenting thoughts and writing them down. This provided clarity to me, so I can be clear with my children. And it gave great examples of praise.
Angela H.

And reclaim your sanity!

The Busy Mom's Guide to Kids That Listen
$ 27
Limited Time Offer
  • Values and Boundaries: How They Impact Your Kids
  • Choosing Your Battles: Knowing When to Stand Firm
  • Communication: Communicating to be Heard
  • Walk the Walk: How to Lead by Example
  • Plus 3 Incredible Bonuses

Being a parent is hard and we’re here to make it easier! We’ve created a easy, predictable, and reliable process that can be used over and over again to get the results you want with your children. 

It feels like mad science but we’ve made it easy.

In fact, we’ve designed a program for you that includes three (and a half) easy steps that will get your kids to listen the first time you say something.  

The Three Simple Steps That Will Get Your Children to Listen Teach You To

Your kids will listen using these Three Easy Steps.  You can ditch the mom guilt and reclaim the joy of spending time with your kids, or eat the brownie you hid in the fridge while they get those chores done.  

We know what you are thinking:

You KNOW you want your kids to listen, You KNOW a lot about what other people tell you works, but get lost when it comes to HOW to easily get your kids to listen without the nagging and yelling.

Key word there? EASILY.

Just Ducking Listen

An easy to follow program that will stop the nagging, stop the yelling, ease the mom guilt and have your kids behaving in 3 simple steps. Ready to enjoy some much needed self-care? 

This is exactly what you need to get your kids to listen. 

I love it. The course is so positive and funny too. I love how real it was, and especially where it said that there is no wrong way to parent. It makes this judgement free and as moms we need that. All of our kids are different I parent based off of WHO each kid is.
- Cindi
Get Just Ducking Listen while we continue to be out of our minds selling this at the insanely low price of $27


What's included with your Just Ducking Listen course


Each of the steps in the Just Ducking Listen program comes complete with pre-recorded coaching video that takes a deep dive into how you correctly implement each step in this journey and a workbook allowing you take immediate action implementing these new skills.

Plus these exclusive bonuses not available anywhere else:

Bonus Materials

  1. 105 Positive Things to Say To Your Kids Right Now Guide
  2. Say This Not That Guide
  3. Guided Meditation for Kids
  4. Lifetime Access to The Resources For Life Membership Site
  5. Printable Responsibility Chart

Get the results that Brandee got for yourself:

Hi my name is Brandee and I am here to tell you this program really works!! Even though my son is 19, he still lives at home. After working through the program, I no longer have to ask him more than once to do what needs to be done around the house!!! And let me tell you I don’t know which one of us is happier about the fact that I no longer need to nag nag nag!!! My only problem is I wish I had found this program sooner!!!! Thank you ACS Coaching.
Single mom of 1

You Will Get Results Like That Too With These Easy Steps

Step 1 / Understanding Values and Boundaries

Rules for the sake of rules leads to frustration for parents and kids. In this step we will become clear on what’s important to you in parenting and in life. You’ll have a clear idea of how to create ground rules that are in alignment with who you really are. 

What We'll Work On

+ Understanding what matters most to you

+ Identifying what your boundaries are

+ Identifying ways to enforce those boundaries

Step 2 / Choosing Your Battles

Not all battles are worth the fight. In this step we’ll show you how to pick your battles. When to stand firm and when to offer some flexibility and why this is a key to successfully getting your kids to listen. 

What We'll Work On

+ Identifying the battles that matter most

+ Letting go of what doesn’t matter

+ Strategies to remember in the moment

Step 2.5 / Communicate

In this extraordinary bonus step we cover how to communicate with your kids. Techniques that work to capture and hold their attention. You won’t want to miss this lesson! 

What We'll Work On

+ Getting buy-in from your kids 

+ How to capture the attention of your little(s)

+ Making hard conversations work for you

Step 3 / Walking the Walk

In this step we put it all together and show you how to be consistent and create the lasting results that you want. 

What We'll Work On

+ Utilizing tools to implement the changes

+ Positive parenting techniques

+ Reflection and consistency


In the true interest of the word EASY, we’re going to load the program with bonuses that will leave you feeling like SUPER MOM!


Bonus 1: 105 Positive Things to Say to Your Kids Right Now

This bonus takes the guess work out of finding positive reinforcements for your kids. This list has positive thoughts for any situation so that you can start communicating with your kids in a way that they can hear you immediately

Bonus 2: Say This Not That ACS Version

This one-page document helps you identify common phrases that we say to our kids on a regular basis and reframe those statements with positive alternatives. 

Bonus 3: Chore Chart

This printable chore chart is a great way to help you keep responsibilities top of mind for your kids. It offers a visual reminder to your kids to complete their chores and helps them with feeling like they contributed to the household by offering check boxes that they can track their own progress. 

The truth is, we could 1000% charge $500 for this course. It’s small and mighty because it produces exactly the result we promise!

And once it’s done, you will have the winning combination of clearly defined boundaries, open and honest communication and a structure to get your kids engaged and listening to your requests, the first time.

What does this mean for you?

  • Completed chores means a clean house so friends and family can visit
  • No more Legos in the middle of the floor means no more cussing in the middle of the night as you stumble to the bathroom
  • No more temper tantrums in the grocery store means you can actually stick to your meal plan
  • No more nagging and arguing means that you’ll have time for the things in your life that you’ve been neglecting. Self-care anyone?

We also know that maybe you’ve been burned by bad courses in the past. 

Or you don’t know and trust us yet.

Or you don’t have tons of money to try this awesome course out. 

So we're going to make access to Just Ducking Listen

Instead of charging the regular price of $500, we’re going to practically give it away…

for $27.


Frequently Asked Questions about Just Ducking Listen

Who is Just Ducking Listen meant for?

Just Ducking Listen is designed specifically for busy moms with children living at home. It is perfect for moms with kids of all ages. 

How is Just Ducking Listen different from other courses?

Just Ducking Listen is different from other courses because it focuses on communication, mutual respect and deepening the relationship between you and your child while getting them to listen. 

My kids are teenagers, will this work for them?

YES! This course is perfect for parents with kids of all ages. 

What exactly is inside this program?

Each step is broken down into 2 parts. You will get a video coaching session and a downloadable ebook that you can print out if you choose. All of the bonus materials are printable as well and available for immediate use.

When will the content be available?

As soon as you complete your purchase the entire course will be available to you though a membership portal on our website. All of the content is downloadable so you can have access to it wherever you are at. 

Get Just Ducking Listen at the insanely low price of $27. Act Now before this price is gone forever!


XOXO Angie and Charlene