Summer Won't Suck - 5 Summer Activities for Kids

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We know that across the country pools are closed, camps are canceled, and sports are paused. It feels like the pause on the typical summer activities have stopped summer dead in its tracks!

This doesn’t mean that summer will suck. Instead it means your kids get to feel a little of what it was like way back in the 1900’s with these fun summer activities for kids. Not the churn butter era or make their own dolls out of corn husk times. Although if you do churn butter or make corn husk dolls I will think you are one of the coolest moms I know, because the gift of patience must come naturally to you! Think more along the lines of circa 1980-1999, and that time frame can be pretty cool.

We took the work out of brainstorming for you and we came up with a few super fun ideas to pass the time in the summer heat.

Girl crawling through obstacle course

Make an obstacle course

This can be as simple as using chalk on the sidewalk to creating a mini ninja course in your backyard. This could be something that you surprise your kiddos with OR you could extend it to a full family planned project and spend some quality time with your little ones that they are always so desperate for, even if they won’t admit it.

The beauty of this is that you could leave it up for the day, a few days, or even a week if you want. If it’s something a little more complex it could be fun to do the course daily and track your time. At the end of a designated period, see who is the most improved. You only get better with practice!

Boy in a Blanket Fort

Build a fort

Inside, outside, on the ground or even in a tree. There are couch forts, table forts, fan forts, tree forts, tent forts or pillow forts. Remember your own imagination and think back to the forts you created as a child. Your kids will love creating forts by themselves or with you by their side.

3 boys sitting on the floor eating popcorn

Bad weather? Have a movie marathon

Super hot day outside? 100 degrees and you keep the windows closed and the drapes down to help the AC keep up with the heat and no access to a swimming pool for the kids? Or maybe there’s a storm or a downpour of rain happening? It’s best to stay inside out of the heat and this is when a movie marathon may be in order.

There are lots of days like this and while a movie marathon isn’t recommended for all of them, it can be a fun to do that together as a family once in a while.

It’s best to have a specific line-up prepared for this. Think Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Goonies, Princess Bride or any of the 100’s of titles that you either fell in love with the first time you saw them or have been on your must-see list waiting for the right time to make their appearance.

If you are having trouble generating a list, check Pinterest and your list should be full in no time!

Have snacks that coordinate, or not. Maybe it’s a good time to do a fridge clean-out and an eat whatever, whenever kind of day. Just make sure you know what ya got in there!

boy and girl working together to draw a picture

Create a summer school day that kids want to participate in

Wait, before you skip over this one, hear me out! Kids love to learn. All kids love to learn, their brains are growing and developing and they are constantly absorbing knowledge and learning from the things around them. For this one, ask your kids what they love doing and learning about. Then go to the library, find whatever you can, and let them loose. Let them read, do experiments, and explore something that makes them excited. You’re just there to make sure the house doesn’t blow up.

Yes, that can even mean video games. Did you know they can learn to make their own. Yup, it’s true. Make it play it.

Let them be bored

Somehow we, as moms, have become cruise ship directors. Constantly feeling like we have to have activities planned and ready to go. But, some of the best times kids have is when we let them be bored and think. This forces them to grow. They are learning to embrace their own creativity and will become less dependent on your for entertainment.

So I say it again, yes. Let them be bored. And if you need permission, we give you permission to let them be bored.

Kids creating art

Create a vision board!

Looking for a fun activity to do with your little that’s as valuable for you as it is for them? Vision Boards are all the rage.

Grab the scissors, magazines, poster board, and glue. This activity stimulates your mind and is fun arts and crafts that will help you get to know your kids just a little better.

Check out the free resources section to get a FREE guide to help you make the most out of your personal vision board.

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  1. Sarah Camp

    Great tips. Oh, to be a kid again! I have great memories of having movie marathons during the summer as a child. I like the idea of having them be bored. It’ll help them find something that is of interest to them 🙂

  2. Heather

    I love these ideas! We all need good ideas this summer without the pool or camp. I’ve always wanted to do a vision board with my son and I appreciate the reminder in this post 😃☀️

  3. Myrka

    I’m not a kid or have children but I might have to try out the fort soon. lol That was so fun! I probably should start making my vision board as well. I keep saying I’ll make one but I procrastinate!

  4. Sabrina DeWalt

    The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth would be great for movie day. Great suggestions!

  5. Beth

    These tips are perfect, and on the scale of what I remember enjoying when growing up.

  6. Eva

    Great ideas! My sister is always trying to find ways to keep her 3 kids entertained at home.

  7. Alexis Farmer

    I don’t have kids but will definitely keep this in mind when I babysit my nephew!

    1. Angella Jensen

      That’s even better. Having super fun things to do with the kids so you get to be the favorite!

  8. Emily

    Great ideas! We are having fun so far!

  9. Tara

    LET THEM BE BORED! I love this! It’s so important that kids have the opportunity to create ideas/things to do for themselves. Creative play is so important for their development and too many children aren’t allowed to be bored anymore. I always say “boredom is a choice” which it truly is.

    1. Angella Jensen

      It truly is and it teaches kids to learn and be independent.

  10. Judean

    The best part of this….let them be bored. For sure!

  11. Cindy

    Great ideas! I especially love letting them be bored! This is so important.

  12. Angela

    Summer should be all fun like these ideas.

  13. Annette

    Great activities for the entire family!!

  14. Carrie

    These are all great, but I definitely agree with letting them be bored. That’s when their creativity comes out!

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