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The need for control

If you are human, and I assume you are since you are reading this, you have dreams that you’d like to bring to life. As humans, we have a drive to manifest our dreams, but we also have a innate desire to control things. You and I are no exception.

Does any of this sound like you? 

You don’t go after your dreams because you have no idea how much money you’ll make, whether you’ll be successful, how hard it will be or because the fear of failure is keeps us stuck. That dream could be anything from starting your own company, to traveling around the world, to teaching underprivileged kids English to finding the love of your life, to any number of things. Our dreams are as different as we are. Regardless, the same things keep us from going after our dreams with the fire that burns in our souls.

In the same breath you will go to work for someone else’s dreams because they are going to give you a paycheck. You exchange your most valuable resource, your time for a paycheck that feels secure. Or you go back to the same relationship because no matter how bad it is, it’s still better than facing the unknown. What if there’s a fight over the kids? What if you don’t have enough money to pay for your basic necessities? Or maybe it’s not either of these and it’s something else entirely but you’re still not happy.

This situation is all too common, but if you found your way here it’s likely that you’re ready for a change. Maybe you’re not ready to put your foot down on the throttle of life yet and live full out. That’s OK, there’s plenty of baby steps that you can take in the meantime.

Steps You Can Take Today Manifest Your Dreams

Immerse yourself in personal growth material

You can read book. OMG there are so many great books out there. If you’re looking for a good one, I suggest “You are a Badass by Jen Sincero or “Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo. Those are just a couple of the great reads that have been taken off the shelf and dusted off recently for another read.

It’s these books, along with some conversations I’ve had with clients recently, that have prompted me to write about today’s topic. Letting go of the how when it comes to manifesting your dreams.

What does that even mean? Letting go of the how? That  sounds like jibberish right? WRONG!!!

Book open to a page that says Make it happen

Have a plan

I’m not saying don’t have a plan. It’s important to have a plan. You have to know where you’re going or you’ll never get there. Start with an idea of where you’re going.

You can download a worksheet to help you gain some clarity on this here. Clarity is power. 

Think of it like planning a trip. You pick a destination for your vacation. You may pick that destination because there’s a hot nightlife scene, or there’s lots of hiking, or breathtaking views, or someone is going to wait on you serving daiquiri’s on the beach. Whatever the case, you have a goal. You know what your destination is and you know what you want to experience when you get to that destination.

That’s the starting point for conscious manifesting. If you need help with this, reach out. Our skilled coaches will be happy to work with you on this process. When those dreams are suppressed for so long it can take some effort to dig them out and bring them to the surface again. We are here to help.

The most important work you can do once you have that destination in mind is to imagine being the person that has everything you’re dreaming of right now. No, you may not have it physically yet but how will you feel when you do have it? Who will you be as a person? This is a huge part of manifesting your dreams. Sit with those thoughts and feelings. Meditate on it and practice being that person as much as possible.

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Take inspired action

The next thing you can do is to start taking steps toward that goal. Brainstorm all the things you can do to start making that dream a reality. Once you have your list, pick out the activities that have “electricity” behind them. These are the ideas that give you a little extra spark. Start there and write those down with dates next to them of when you will complete those steps.

Start with a baby step and hold your dream and those steps with an open hand.

Use your imagination to imagine hiking up a mountain. You’re starting from the bottom and your goal is to get to the top. You know if you start climbing up, you will eventually get to the top but you cannot see the entire path yet. Once you start walking up that mountain the next step will become clear and you will take that step.

The same is true with your dreams and your goals. The point is to start and not worry about having every step along the way figured out. It’s your job to take the step you can see. Let go of how you climb the mountain. 

If there’s a boulder in your way, you aren’t going chisel your way through the boulder. You’re going to find a path around it. If there’s a stream flowing in front of you, you may go through it, or you may have to move alongside it for a while to find a better place to cross.

Now that you have a goal in mind and you are moving forward, taking the steps you can see, the next step is to let go of any expectations on the outcome. Ohhhh, yes,  this.. all of this!

Expectations are what lead to disappointment, frustration, and to so many people giving up before they reach their goals. 

Let go of the outcome

Fear is the number one thing holding someone back from going full force toward their dreams, but unmet expectations is another. Sometimes, no matter how much you plan and prepare things aren’t going to go the way you plan. That OKAY! Let go of the expectations on how it’s supposed to be and embrace what is. You have the ability to give yourself permission to do this. In fact, you owe it to yourself to do that.

Recently, I took a trip and our flight was delayed by over 8 hours. Subsequently, we missed our connecting flights and ended up having to spend the night someplace that wasn’t planned. 

I had planned. I had purchased my tickets, planned my entire trip according to the itinerary on my tickets. Among other things, transportation at the final destination was lined up and accommodations for that night already planned. 

I did everything that I could to ensure that my trip was in order. There were several other people traveling in my party and they had all done the same. The mechanical issues on the plane were out of our control. By accepting what was instead of being disappointed, upset and frustrated by what wasn’t I was able to relax and enjoy the moments that I found myself in.

Yes, I would have liked it better at the time if everything had gone according to plan, but it didn’t. I could have gotten caught up in being mad at the airline. I could have been frustrated and grumpy. It was a choice I could have made. It’s a choice you get to make every time something doesn’t go as planned. 

Instead, I chose to embrace what was and as a result, I had a very pleasant day despite the setbacks and challenges. It was an opportunity to embrace making a choice on how to respond to an unfavorable situation.

It’s OK to give yourself permission to make the best of whatever situation you find yourself in. Use the question “What can I do with what I have from where I’m at?”. Stay in that frame of mind, the one that is open to possibility and is constantly seeking a solution and you will find yourself better off for it.

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